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Create An App From Scratch – App Development

Do you feel the need to create an app for your business? Are you scratching your head to understand the app development process? Do you wish to understand the app development process?

how to create an app from scratch

Then look no more as we simplified the whole process for you into 8 important steps. By the end of this blog, you’ll understand everything you need to know about the app development process. So, let’s start!

Determine The Objectives For App Development

Getting an app for your business is not a decision that you want to rush into. Not only does this process take a lot of time but also a lot of money. So, it becomes of utmost importance that you are clear with the idea. 

determine the objectives for app development

Before jumping onto the process, you should sit down and clearly define the objectives behind getting the app. This step should help you come up with the goals, objectives, and expected results from this project.  

Brainstorm Ideas For The App Development

Once you are crystal clear about the goals and objectives, the next step is to expand the idea. Having healthy discussions with your team could help you in this step. 

brainstorm ideas for the app

Pondering on the ideas and opinions expressed in these discussions could help make the app more user-friendly. You can include your business partners, friends, and experts in the field to help you come up with viable ideas. 

The problems this app aims to solve, the app’s unique selling proposition, and the subscription structure for the app can be decided through this step. 

Conduct Market And Competitor Research

One golden step for any business venture is market research. It is important to know the market the product plans to grow in. Similarly, while developing an app for your business, market research becomes crucial. 

This will help you to understand the needs of your target users. And it will help you come up with an app that satisfies those needs. Along with market research comes competitor analysis. 

research the market and competitors

Sometimes, you may not find any direct competitors. But if you do find competition, then study about them and try to understand their strategies. You should also look into strengths and weaknesses. 

Select An App Development Strategy 

As we enter the app development stage, the technicality of the process increases. This requires you to decide upon a development partner for your app. There are two options – having an in-house development team or finding an outsourced development team

strategize and set your goals

While having an in-house development team would be good but it would require tons of resources and infrastructure. This is not an attractive option for your business if you have a tight budget. 

The other option would save your resources and take the responsibility off your chest. But finding the right outsourcing company to partner with becomes crucial as it can make or break the whole project. 

With the right development strategy and designs for the app handy, you can move on to selecting a development platform for your app. There are namely two operating systems – Android and iOS. 

An app can be developed for android, iOS, or hybrid that works for both

You can either develop an app that works on any one of the systems or an app that works on both known as the hybrid application. The decision depends on your budget, target audience, and requirements. 

Start With App designing

Once you have selected the right app development strategy for your business you have to start with its design. This step starts with constructing a layout for your app called the wireframe. 

The flow of your app becomes visible to you after the wireframing is completed. But wireframing is a huge process as they can have many screens. After that, you can move onto developing the prototypes for your app. It is the skeleton of your app.

app development starts by app designing

Prototypes give life to your wireframes as it has screens with tappable options taking you from one screen to the other. It is similar to the real app and can be installed on a device. 

Develop And Test The App 

Any app is developed in two phases – frontend and backend coding – that happen simultaneously. It is necessary for you to stay highly active during the process to ensure that the app is developed according to your specifications. 

develop and test your app

Once the app is developed, you need to check that it has no bugs or unwanted problems. You should also see that it is easy to use and interactive. You can either have your development team test the app as end-users or give your app to someone unfamiliar to test it.

But, no one has the same vision for the app as you. So, even you should test the app multiple times and see if it meets the requirements that you had in mind. 

Even if your development team has tested the app, you must carefully review the app as well. You should review it from the user’s perspective and look out for any issues or problems. 

Launch And Promote The App 

After careful testing and reviewing, it is time for you to enjoy the sweet fruit of your labor. The app is ready for the world to use but for that, you need to market the app. 

Promoting the app will make people aware of its existence. It doesn’t matter how great the app is, if people are not aware of your app it’s of no use. Therefore, promoting your app is a vital step in order to reach your target audience. 

Launch the app in the market once its fully tested

There are many marketing channels available to help you in this process. Promoting the app on platforms most used by your target audience will prove to be more beneficial. 

Feedback And App Improvement 

No amount of market research and testing is enough to predict the actual feedback of the users. Thus, collecting feedback from users of your app is important. 

Businesses that don’t take into account customer feedback are bound to fail. This stands true for your app as well. 

take feedback for the app once it's launched

But just collecting feedback isn’t enough. Working on that feedback and making the app better for your users is crucial. A promising future can be assured for your app by constantly improving it. This will help your app stay relevant and your users happy. 


App development is an important and equally necessary decision in this digital era. But this process demands time and resources. So, before you take up this commitment, give this decision a good evaluation. 

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