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We develop and design the most dynamic, extensive and substantial Decentralized Apps- DApps services which are secure and agile for different industries.

Defining DApps

DApps also known as Decentralized Application is an application which is hosted on a peer-to-peer network  instead of on a single computer. 

Even though the frontend of these applications remain same as the frontend of a traditional website or application, the backend functions differently. The backend uses the smart contracts to connect with the blockchain network instead of connecting to an API. There is no centralized party tracking or monitoring the operations and data. 

DApps are useful for organizing big supply chains along with making the communication and relation between a service provider and user more transparent, effective and flexible. 

Our DApps Development Services

Upgradation Of DApps Services

A DApp requires up-gradation from time to time so that the business operations keep running smoothly and securely. We maintain, migrate and upgrade the DApp when the need or requirement for upgrading rises. Our developers assist in deploying new smart contracts along with updating microservices.

DApps Transfer

We have a team of experts who can assist and comprehensively support you in moving or transferring a running DApp application to any other blockchain platform by reusing the code base. Our team ensures a smooth functioning of your application in a hassle-free manner


User Interface

We develop and design the most structured, unique, impressive yet easy to use User Interface. Our team ensures that the UI is made with perfection, this is a result of brainstorming different ideas, wireframe designs, low fidelity and high fidelity designs from the initial stage followed by testing it on interactive prototypes.

DApps Storage

Our team of experts are well versed in various DApps storages, and assist you choose the one that is most suitable to your business model and requirements. Some of the things that we take into consideration before suggesting a storage space for your DApps is if they provide peer-to-peer trading, security, efficiency and low storage cost. We also ensure that you achieve a fair market price for these storages.

Smart Contracts

DApp development includes writing, testing and deploying smart contracts for various blockchain platforms such as Etheruem and Neo. Our team of experts study your business requirements and necessities to develop secure and efficient contracts. We also assist you in choosing a blockchain platform based on your business demands, to deploy the smart contracts.

Features of DApps


As the name states, all the apps are created in a decentralized manner, that is created on the blockchain platform. The information is stored in different nodes and is not centralized, making it secure and transparent.


All information stored in DApps is immutable. The information or data can be changed only with the permission of all members involved in DApps. It is impossible to change the data without notifying everyone on the channel/ app.


It is not possible to hack a DApp as the blockchain technology and decentralization makes it secure and transparent. If someone tries to hack and change data then every member will be notified.

Open Source

DApps are transparent and open source. They are classified as peer-to-peer platforms, as there is no third party or central governance. The middlemen and their control is eliminated from the system.


You can be rewarded with crypto coins or crypto tokens as an incentive. To claim this reward on DApps you just have to make sure there is an active participation of all nodes involved.

Avail Monetary Benefits Using DApps

Crowdsale and Token Launch

Crowdsale and Token Launch

You can enjoy monetary benefits of DApps by bootstrapping a project with the help of crowdsale and then use tokens to back it up.



You can earn a good revenue by showing quick ads of companies and brands in the feature section of your DApp.

Transaction Fee

Transaction Fee

You can charge users a transactional fee for using the services of your DApp. It is one of the easiest ways to monetise your app.

Premium Model

Premium Model

Just like regular apps you can charge the users of your DApps a fee for additional or unique features.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

DApps are hosted on a decentralized, transparent yet secure peer-to-peer network.

DApps use smart contracts to process or implement transactions between two people without the need to rely on any central or third party authority.

DApps are needed because they are secure, private, unfiltered and have a good scope for growth.  


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