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Our web developers create the finest web experience for the users by the means of various modern technology. We excel at creating adaptable and innovative websites with the help of the most suitable web development technologies and best practices.

Custom Web Development Services

Our scope of providing web development services are increasing ever since we established this company. We offer a wide range of custom web development services. Moreover, our services expand far beyond merely creating websites and web applications for various market leaders and industries. Among the many foundations for creating custom websites for our clients, the most prominent is expanding the reach in the digital world. This was completely different when we first started this company. During earlier times, people simply wanted an online portfolio of their businesses. 


However, trends are changing rapidly. There is no successful business in today’s world without a dedicated website. For similar reasons, we as a company have continuously prioritized market needs. Under all circumstances, we have always given opportunities for our web developers to enhance their skills according to the trends. As the website development technologies evolved, we learned ways to create faster and more innovative websites and applications that were not even imaginable earlier. 


We’ll help you in creating and integrating the front end and the back end of your website in a correspondence that makes your website the new sensation. We strongly believe in creating customized websites according to business needs

Our Web Development Services


Our highly skilled professional Python developers have expert experience in creating and expanding the technologies using Python as their building blocks.


Expandable websites created using PHP. Our websites are capable to host millions of users on a daily basis without compromising on the website performance.


Facilitating the website experience of users as well as website supervisors. We provide custom WordPress as well as ready-to-use CMS solutions to our clients.


Full Stack
Our highly skilled Full-Stack developers can create you a sensational as well as a user-friendly website.

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As the E-commerce industry grows day by day, our services enable you to have a prime E-store for your business in the least time as well as cost!

Industries We Helped




Information Technology 


Real estate




We have a diverse portfolio and serve various other industries

Why Choose Lampros tech?

We remain the best choice for our clients because we believe in prioritizing our clients’ requirements. 


Uniquely Customized

Business Needs

Minimum Turnaround

Adapting Finest



Preschool Website

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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Our detailed design work added to the customer priorities we believe in makes us the top website development company.


  • We have renowned expertise in developing websites as well as web apps. Throughout the journey of this company, we have created websites in all business domains and satisfied all the client requirements. We have skill sets to create websites/web apps in all three domains: 
    • Static Websites
    • Dynamic/CMS websites

E-commerce websites

The basic difference between PWAs and Generic Websites is the installation. PWAs are installable software that users can download on their devices. On the other hand, generic websites are simply web pages with different URLs that open on various browsers. However, the type of development needed for a company depends on the business and the user requirements.

As mobile websites and applications lay the foundation for the new business world, it is of utmost importance for every growing business to have its own mobile website. There are different types of mobile websites that vary from native mobile websites, responsive websites, PWAs, to actual mobile applications. However, the type of website you need will depend a lot on the business model and the end-user requirements. Hence, we recommend you reach out to us if you need any assistance to choose the development path to enter the mobile website market.

The cost is generally higher for the development of a web app, but you would effectively need a website to represent your online portfolio. Web application development is standardized, mostly because its user interface would be very different from that of a website, and only an experienced web app developer would be able to create one for you. But on the other hand, complex websites are actually costlier than web apps. The majority of the time, a web app won’t be viable to execute those kinds of websites.

So speaking generally, it is hard to say the price for any product, as it depends on the type of the business and its user base. We suggest you send us your requirements, and we’ll let you know the cost for what’s feasible for your business.

We, at Lampros Tech, offer after-delivery support for any bugs and errors that occur within your website. Additionally, if you face any problem during the first three months of our delivery, it will be our responsibility to resolve it on top priority. Our support can also be extended depending on your business requirements. We are among the few ones in this industry to offer a package for website and web app maintenance support.

The uses of a website and web app are comparatively similar. It is a simple equation of what’s the best choice. If you are providing online services for which the user is visiting, then that’s exactly what the web app services are meant for. Websites, on the other hand, are more inclined towards static informative web portfolios. The most they can provide as a service is the content you have on the website. But the fact remains that they both are quite similar, and can do each other’s job. It is all about what would be the best fit for a particular business model.

If you have an idea that requires a web app or a website to be created, we can walk you through the process, as well as create it for you after the proposal approval. We have implemented various projects for our clients, so you can send in your requirements for a free initial consultation. Additionally, with our expertise expanding to multiple emerging technologies, we have a collection of special websites and web app development services, particularly for clients who want to experiment with the latest web development market trends.