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NFT Marketplace

We help you launch talents into crypto-space, by developing a seamless NFT Marketplace. Monetise and showcase talents on different blockchain based NFT platforms

NFT Marketplace Services

NFT also known as Non-Fungible Token is quite the talk in the current business domain and we are not surprised. Its growing popularity and buzz around town is making individuals want to create, launch or even buy NFTs for themselves. 


The trading and launching of NFT is all possible with the help of a simple platform that is NFT Marketplace.It is a secure platform for individuals and businesses to monetise their talents and/ or distinctive assets. 


At Lampros Tech, we assist businesses both big and small to set up NFT Marketplace with a secure, cost effective and unique design and deployment. 

NFT Marketplace Services

Smart Contracts

We provide you with bug-free smart contracts for NFT Marketplace that ensures there are no breaches. These smart contracts create transparency for buying and selling of NFTs for users.


Our NFT Storefront helps you access all the information stored in the NFT Platform. This includes information such as items listed, bids, owners, previews and price history.

Crypto Wallets

We securely integrate NFT Platform with users’ crypto wallet. Every art, music, audio or video someone purchases is stored here in a decentralized manner.

Buying and Bidding

Buying and bidding is a crucial part of the NFT Trading Platform.We design this process with utmost sophistication and simplicity, so that users can have the ease of usability. We also ensure awareness of the bid status and expiration.

Features of DApps


NFT Marketplace allows trading of various digital assets, across multiple virtual platforms. We ensure that users can trade NFTs with ease and security.


A creator can decide the exclusiveness or quantity of their asset. Smart contract ensures that once the NFT is published in the marketplace, no one can impose any changes.


When buying or selling in the marketplace, the user is doing the transaction directly, therefore it reduces fraudulent transactions and no third party interference is needed to verify the transaction.


When a creator launches a project in the NFT platform it is visible across various ecosystems and platforms. This is possible due to certain NFT standards that provide a reliable and secure API that reads and writes data to help the visibility of the NFT project.


A user does not have to register for ownership claims for NFT in the marketplace. The ownership of the NFT is easy and secure. It cannot be stolen or lost because of the transparency and safety NFT trading platform provides.


The easy tradability of NFTs make them highly liquid. A user can liquidate NFTs almost instantly, all they need is a willing buyer.


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