Lampros Tech

A Step-by-step guide to Blockchain requirement analysis

Our guide is used by industry leaders to find the right blockchain solution for them

    Available in Google Sheets

    A Goals Sheet

    Answer the questions and find clarity by identifying your main goals on what you want to achieve

    Dedicated Checklist

    A dedicated checklist for the 7 aspects you need to consider before getting started with Web3.

    Gain Clarity and Move Forward

    Refine your goals and understand your next steps

    A Bird’s View

    Track every goal and progress about the steps you’ve taken towards integrating Web3 in your business.

    Blockchain Requirement Analysis Worksheet

    Available in Google Sheets

      Trouble Excelling with Cells? Fret not.

      The Worksheet is just Step 1 in getting started!

       We’ve built a worksheet that you can work with and understand what you need. This is not just a one-time activity to get started on your Web3 journey. With the comprehensive checklist, dedicated goals and POA, you gain clarity for long term business success.

      Post the checklist, you can contact us to discuss further on how you want to incorporate Blockchain in your business and thrive with Web3.

      Our goal is to empower you to get step into blockchain without having the hassle of understanding the technical nitty-gritties. Let us help you find the right blockchain solution for your business. 

      Client Testimonials

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