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Top 9 Web Development Trends for 2023

A website is often the virtual face of the company or the organization. So, it becomes essential for brands and organizations to own one with the latest updates and features. You need a website that testifies itself and the brand image.

Furthermore, the pros of having your website are many, and some prominent reasons are being present or showing availability to your customer or potential partner.

Thus, all you need is one website that helps visitors gain confidence about the product/project/service you provide.

The end goal of the webpage/ website is to have an ROI or a sale. Fret not, sale conversions are usually the last to come after a series of challenges the website faces.

A website usually faces challenges such as SEO optimized webpage, ranking in Google Searches, poor quality backlinking, and interlinking between the related sites. Your webpage needs to be updated frequently with news and talks of the town to let everyone know that you’re ahead of the curve.

Well, there are many ways to attract a customer through a website. But make sure you have a functional one that follows the latest Web Development Trends for 2023 as below:

Top 9 Web Dev Trends For 2023

In our top nine, we have

  1. AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages
  2. AI – Artificial Intelligence
  3. BT – Blockchain Technology
  4. PWA – Progressive Web Applications
  5. RW – Responsive Webpages
  6. Motion UI
  7. SA – Serverless Architecture
  8. SPA – Single Page Applications
  9. VSO – Voice Search Optimization

AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

Mobiles! Who doesn’t use them? I bet you’re reading this blog article too from your phone currently! [Let us know in the comments below – are you?]

A mobile phone with search results

Mobiles are easier devices for searching queries and reading articles or information. It is thus important to have a mobile page optimized view in addition to the normal webpage view.

If you’re reading this from a phone, how fast did the page load? Not very fast, huh? Our guess is one of the two things has to be present for a smooth experience on a phone. 

One, the individual must have a strong connection to the internet, and two, the webpage needs to optimize for accelerated mobile pages.

Besides, having mobile pages load faster helps the organization in two ways – one, the user gets the information they need – fast, and two, by not losing the potential customer, you have a chance to showcase your other web pages too.

FACT: Two Third of Web Usage is on Mobile Devices

Moreover, a great advantage of AMP-optimized websites is that they show up faster amidst the swarm of Google’s results. The AMP technology thus becomes more user-focused and user-friendly. It’s a great tool to improve the UX of the website.

AI – Artificial Intelligence

Or as I like to call it, Fake Smartness. Just synonyms really. But feels funny enough to take it ever so lightly seriously. 

Keeping aside the funny, Artificial Intelligence has taken leaps forward with the aid of machine learning and deep thinking. Especially in the realm of Computer Science and the Web. Do you remember when these protocols were initiated and deployed all over the decade of the 2010s?

Well, back then, no one knew how important it could be until we had a deeper understanding of how it could benefit us.

Consequently, this technology makes human life effortless by multifold, simply because it can collect, collate, analyze, learn, organize, problem-solve, and come up with smart solutions to data problems and queries.

Considering how AI constantly works in the presence of an internet connection, it becomes easy to note that the AI software always has access to the latest information published on the web.

AI being there to serve as and when in need is a great way to increase the UI and the UX for the webpage visitor.

You can access multiple AI-based tools to automate the process of AI-powered websites. Be a smart sapien and get started today!

FACT: Life Span of a Website is Just 3 Years

BT –  Blockchain Technology

Block. Chain. Tech. This innovation is the key to the portal of a web that’s Web3. Blockchain technology simply refers to a version of the web where the internet is decentralized and information transfers in flocks of blocks.

Now, your information on the internet is safe at all costs. While speaking of security, the blocks have a security code – but they call it ‘Encryption.‘ 

Blocks connected in a virtual space with a background

Consequently, encryptions are necessary and secure the blockchain network. Another reason to secure the blockchain is the primary fact of its working nature. The blockchain stores huge quantities of transaction data between users.

In addition, transactions and data of transfers are kept secure with another innovation known as Smart Contracts. Smart Contracts are generally defined as “A virtual piece of code containing an agreement between two or more parties and the conditions under which the contract is executed.”

Smart Contracts are digital contracts between parties with instructions for the transfer to occur.

In sum, there are many parts to blockchain technology: DeFi, GameFi, DEX, Cryptocurrencies for investing and trading, NFTs, Marketplaces, Smart Contracts, and more!

And in the world of web3, everything is decentral, open, and yet secure.

FACT: Source Code of Website Affects Search Engine Rankings

PWA – Progressive Web Applications

Although we use our phones more than our computer systems and PCs, there have been times when we’ve opened an application on the big screen. Applications like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Swiggy are great examples of PWAs. 

Moreover, they provide us the flexibility to access the service/ application from a device that is not a mobile phone. Applications like Slack, Discord and Instagram have made versions of their native applications that are PC compatible, i.e. an application dedicated to a seamless experience on the desktop view.

Furthermore, the PWAs increase the speed of loading content over the internet and support offline functionality like GMaps.

What’s more, progressive web applications are easy to build and easier to maintain. So, apart from providing a seamless experience to the user, and having easy maintenance, it also costs less to develop one.

FACT: Demographics Impact the User Behaviour

RW: Responsive Websites

Adaption. Our ancestors did it, animals do it, and hey, we do it too! Just imagine if our websites can also adapt to various screen sizes and devices. Cool, right?

Thus the concept of Responsive Websites.

Hence, a responsive web design is an approach to building websites that can adjust to the various screen sizes of many devices.

Consequently, the benefits of a responsive web design are plenty, from being user-friendly and improving the user experience to having low maintenance costs, and improved SEO metrics and analysis.

In addition, one of these benefits of responsive web design is the website load speed and absence of content distortion, which eliminates any need for manual content resizing.

Considering all this, do we need more reasons to have Responsive Websites on our top web development trends for 2023? Really! Employ a response in the comments below!

FACT: Most Of The Readers Simply Scan The Website.

Motion UI

If you’re a Metamask user, you’d often observe the mascot move its head along with the cursor. Having said that, let’s confess, it’s nearly impossible for us and the fox to stay with a straight face.

There are many examples to testify to the importance of UI – it’s a tactic in Website marketing and SEO optimization. Besides fancy billboards or paid ads, all the words in them depend on what the user sees when they visit the website.

The website design needs to be appealing to the user. And you have only one chance to get it right.

Because the first impression is the best impression.

And with a fast webpage that loads quickly, you have about 3 seconds to impress the person who comes to the site.

This front-end tool is essential to build a responsive website design within its native app setting. It makes the website more attractive. Trust me, if we were kids, we’d want to play around with it.

An attractive web design showcases the efforts put in to keep a live page functional and user-friendly.

FACT: Users Form Their Opinions in 0.9 Seconds

SA – Serverless Architecture

Synonymous with serverless computing, this technology aids in building apps and hosting them in a third-party infrastructure. Thus you don’t have to work on server maintenance and updates.

So, if you’re not handling the server, who is and how? Your third-party host is all hands for cloud computing. Yup! Most server data,  code, and files are safe in the cloud.

Consequently, they offer a platform for you to store your application data. The data of the application is broken down systematically and can function independently.

Furthermore, the application is invoked and scaled virtually. Thus, eliminating the need for software and hardware management.

TIP: Design your web page and website based on its Aim. A service provider would definitely have a different design compared to an e-commerce website.

SPAs – Single Page Applications

In a list of the top 9 web development trends, SPAs are regarded widely for the coming ages of the internet.

A single-page application is when an application on the web browser need not reload itself multiple times. It is a single home page that is easy to navigate and browse.

Some of your famous SPAs are Gmail, Twitter, and Youtube. The application structure is such that all the navigation keys are set aside so you can focus on the content you need.

Consequently, they provide a better user experience since users can use the page without a reload.

Furthermore, not having to reload the page only makes the site better for the developers on the other end. It is easy to make and maintain. 

TIP: While designing your professional  web page make sure to stick to a color palette rather than a very colorful site (unless that’s the theme you’re going for.) 

VSO – Voice Search Optimization

Imagine your hands are greasy or full of paint or henna, and you need to call someone from your phone but can’t.

A voice search device on a book

Stop imagining. Gone are the days of helplessness. Since Google released its voice search feature in 2011, many of us have used it mercilessly just because it’s easier and not to forget – faster than typing.

With technological developments, almost 70% of internet users globally carry a voice search, and 20% of American households ask for assistance from Alexa or have a voice assistant device that aids them.n

Now, you may ask, “how does Voice Search Optimization become a trend in Web Development?”

Easy. You have to ensure your web pages are ready for Voice Searches.

Furthermore, voice search-optimized web pages are not only a web development tool or a trend but a necessary strategy for SEO strategists to ensure they have content that caters to one’s query.

In addition, with Google releasing its LaMDA software, it only makes VSO a promising trend that will be in use for a long time. 

FACT: Landing pages have an average of 70%-90% bounce rate.


There are many ways to develop your websites and web pages. In our top 9 web development trends for 2023, we have trends for mobile web development such as accelerated mobile pages, progressive web applications, and voice search optimization.

Further, we have trends such as Artificial Intelligence, Motion UI, and Blockchain Technology that are upcoming and revolutionary.

Finally, Webpages and Websites are looking at serverless architecture, single-page applications, and responsive websites.

If you’d like to build your own website or a webpage and don’t know how, contact us. Let us help you with our fantastic web dev team!