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Marketing Trends of 2022

Junes’ gone and still no boost on your marketing? Fret not, we’ve got your back. Having analyzed the internet, we bring to you the latest marketing trends for 2022!

Marketing is vital for all businesses – big or small. More importantly in an era where the world is online and available at the touch of the fingertip.

The style of Digital Marketing is an indispensable tool in the era of Web3. It’s favored by many due to its high impact on reaching out to the masses through a virtual presence.

The virtual presence established must be loud, clear, and bold enough just to attract the right crowd because we wouldn’t want the wrong kind of attraction on our business or website.

So, although you’ve incorporated the olden-golden methods of marketing, make sure you follow these 7 strategies that are trending this year!

Trend Numero Uno: Simple SEO Content

A writer jotting down

Me saying ‘Numero Uno’ may be a great style – adding a Spanish touch to the headline, but what if my readers don’t know Spanish at all?

What if you and I have to go through the thesaurus every 2 minutes because there’s a word we don’t understand? We wouldn’t like it, would we? EXACTLY!

This applies to our consumers too. Keep your content simple and easy to consume, it saves their time (and your writers’ too!). Your first draft may be bad, but revisions help put your words out there, scream from the top of the billboards or just host a streetside hoarding.

But while creating simple content, do remember, Content is King. Your choice of words and your style of presentation will make a long-lasting impression. Make sure to offer complete content. Content that doesn’t make the reader question after they’ve read your article, makes your reader contented.

And amidst all that, don’t forget to use those swanky words for SEO. SEO optimized content sees more profit due to more discovery on search engines.

Not to forget, compelling SEO content is clickbait for readers and marketers – leading to more leads.

Trend #2: Video Marketing

Video Marketing is an umbrella term for advertising through Videos. These could be classic advertisements on television to short reels on Instagram. Marketing has changed forms and this time the trends favor visual stimulation.

Video marketing has lately gained recognition as the next level of marketing. Visual stimulation through stories and media houses incorporate branding and marketing of their product as sponsors for their production. It aids both parties and is a win-win: media and marketing.

These days, marketers believe in keeping the content short and engaging. No one has got the patience to sit through a 3-minute advertisement. 

Another merit of video marketing is, that marketing across space and time zones becomes possible through reels, live videos, and short story snippets that appeal to the audience more often. You get the chance to cater something dynamic and recent to your audience. People love to interact and participate.

3. Influencer Marketing

Influencers can reach a lot of people, virtually.

Although a new concept, it will soon become the norm. Influencers avail services and products from a brand while the brand, in turn, gets endorsed by new folk, reaching out to a broad audience, across the barriers of nations, language, and space-time.

Along with video marketing, it’s popular to have influencers endorse your brand and incorporate a story. Having an influencer, someone who has a hold on the hearts of the masses can reach out to more people than your usual target.

It’s effective to bring in new customers/ consumers and reach out to a new audience while showcasing your product/service. 

The most advantageous part of this? It also breaks down the language barrier. The influencer gets to interact with all audiences in their language. Bagging in more consumers than we planned for.

Another merit of this method is, that it works cheaper while employing youngsters to do your marketing instead of brand ambassadors.

4. Gender Neutrality, Inclusion & Diversity

It's important to cater to all age groups, races, and sexes.

Providing a sense of humility no matter how big you’ve grown as a company reflects on your prestige.

To showcase your brand as gender-neutral, impartial to stereotypic gender roles, and including diversity without discrimination brings the attention of youngsters. Yup, these same youngsters will be your long-term consumers.

The ‘Gen-Z’ believes in being ‘woke’.  Accepting all changes with grace and swag in a delicate balance. They stand up for gender neutrality, inclusion, and diversity.

In addition, you get to target an audience of varied sexualities, reaching out to a diversified audience. Inclusion in your brand brings a sense of futurism and recognition, while you lead by example. This inspires everyone else to accept and move forward with the stigmas.

💡Top Tip: You can combine Video Marketing or Inclusion Marketing with Influencer marketing to produce a boost. An influencer could do a live video stream to showcase your brand. This influencer could also be an LGBTQIA model.

5. ABM Marketing – Account-Based Marketing

Accounts of different consumer targets are essential to boost your business relatively.

Account-Based Marketing refers to marketing a specific target group or an account in this context. Marketing to those who’ve already been on your radar is a great way to keep them under your wing.

Catering to a general audience is less effort and more favorable in terms of ROI. Less effort because you know what your audience wants/ likes and providing services to them becomes easy due to the simple fact that they will come for what’s familiar and what’s known.

But what do you know about your consumers? Well, use User Generated Data. It is cheaply available from your reports anyway! What’s more, you can avail statistics out of this data to understand your consumer behavior. 

While you’re collecting data of your consumers, adopt methods to avail data without breaching privacy policies and prioritize consumer privacy.

 Data-driven analytics is a powerful strategy to cater back to your audience. Understand what your users like, and what they want. Utilization of the user data is immensely helpful to tailor marketing to your target group.

6. Virtual & Augmented Reality

VR /AR technology gives us the ability to experience the future.

Now, introverts may not like to socialize much, but that doesn’t mean they cannot reach out to the world. They have the access to the entire web of information with a touch of a button.

It is highly likely folks would choose to live in VR or AR. So, if you have a designer and a gamer, let them take over your marketing for a new mode of branding and marketing. 

VR/AR can help you gain more consumers through online experiential marketing. Consumers can live in a pandemic world and still have access to your services/ products.

7. Cryptocurrency & NFTs

NFTs and Cryptocurrency will boom soon.

Going digital in currency and goodies. Yup, we’re talking about NFTs and Cryptocurrency. NFTs are being adopted by a lot of companies who strive to cater to the artistically inclined audience who have a craze for collectibles. 

NFTs are a great way to digitize marketing while engaging consumers in your brand. 2023 is bound to see a shift as businesses go live at marketplaces and cryptocurrencies may be used for decentralized finance transactions.


The top 7 trends for marketing this year, won’t be gone anytime soon. You can always use these new-age tactics to boost your sales, production, and outcomes.

Content Marketing is a wordplay tool for Shakespeare who gets to promote your brand. So a good catchy meta title here, and a meta description there as a clickbait to get more consumers.

Video marketing works solely by the ‘Seeing is Believing’ philosophy, and having an influencer showcase your brand is a great way to attain recognition.

Being inclusive and open to all genders and stereotypes is a great way to reach the LGBTQIA group, who might otherwise not bat a look into your product.

ABM is an old strategy to keep the inbound target stay close and within the radar. VR/ARs, however, is something everyone will want to experience. Crypto and NFTs are a great way to indulge in asset remarketing and gaining artists-cum-audiences while selling digital art.

If you still face a few problems with marketing, connect with us. Lampros believes in simplifying digital transformation to make you future-ready!