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How to write compelling SEO content?

Are you wondering how you can write good SEO content that is compelling for the audience? Do you want to create SEO content but in the process, it turns out to be non-user-friendly? 

How to write compelling SEO content

There are many methods that will help you in developing SEO content that is reader-friendly and compelling. We have found some valuable tips that will enhance your experience of writing user-friendly content, as well will give a boost to your SEO rankings. 

So let’s start!

Write audience-centric SEO content

The first and foremost reason for writing blogs is for the audience to read them. When you keep the audience’s perspective first, you will realize that it will become tremendously easy to express your thoughts. 

Audience-centric good SEO content

This will, in turn, benefit the target audience, and as a result, your bounce rate will decrease exponentially. Needless to say, when readers like the content promoted by Google, Google will benefit from it. This will help us a lot in improving our SEO targets. 

Don’t practice keyword stuffing

When you try to read your blog from the audience’s perspective, you will realize that stuffing many keywords will only make it less readable. After a certain point in the blog, you will start realizing the deliberate use of keywords. 

keyword for SEO content

Even Google understands the stuffing of keywords. Hence, it’s advised to use the higher keyword density at the blog’s starting as much as possible. This will help you in limiting them during the later parts of your blog. 

One another important point to note here is that you should focus more on one or two keywords to target for your page. Giving more than that will not benefit you in any way, but will rather pull you back from ranking for all keywords together. 

Choose your keywords wisely

There are a lot of ongoing studies on how we can choose a particular keyword for our blog. Mainly, we have two types of keywords. Ones who are Relevant, and the ones who are Competitive

To rank for our chosen keyword, it is essential that our keyword must be Relevant as well as of Low Competition. This will increase our chances massively at ranking for that keyword. 

Finding viable keywords from relevant and low competition keywords

Any keyword with difficulty scores of less than 40% can be viable for our selection. Hence, the common zone between Relevant and Low Competition keywords, is the one we should target for!

Use only relevant information

The topmost preference of Google for ranking the pages is by the relevance of its contents. Adding to that, even readers love content that is relevant and precise. So when the readers like your content, they will stay on your website to read it. 

SEO content has relevant information for users

Readers spending a long time on your articles will significantly decrease your bounce rate. This will show Google that your article is indeed a good and reliable one. Thus, Google increases the ranking of your page. 

Headlines are first impressions

When someone reads your articles and blogs, the first thing anyone notices is the headline of your article. Make sure to use a catchy one that too with a few targeted keywords. If someone likes your headline, only then will they stay on your page to read the whole article. 

Headlines of SEO content are the first impressions

After the main heading comes to the secondary and tertiary headings (also known as H2 and H3 tags). These will also be of much importance. They are easily visible to people, hence people do prefer to skim through the headings before reading the article first. But even Google knows the importance of high-ranking headings, and it is as well a part of SEO. 

Monitor the analytics

Once you have published your article, the next best thing to do will be to check up the analytics for your blog. They will be able to tell you exactly where you might have to work upon. 

Analysis of your SEO content on websites

Analysis of your blogs is very important. They show a vast variety of categories including which parts people skip often, and which parts are the most read by people. After seeing these results, you have a vast area for improving even further. 


In order to create user-friendly content, it has become fairly important to create SEO content that is compelling enough for our audience. Not only keywords, but content, headlines, information, and analysis are also a crucial part of our SEO-oriented blog. 

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