Lampros Tech

Lampros Tech expands Its Horizons With new services

Lampros Tech is a budding leader in the field of digital transformation for businesses no matter what the size. It is ready to take the company to great heights with its expansion plans. With many companies still coping up with the ongoing pandemic, Lampros Tech has taken it as an opportunity. The company plans to provide a set of new services to cater to all the digital needs of any business. It is planning expansion in all the adjacent fields of marketing and ed-tech. The company not only aims at growing its business operations but help the economy in the process.

The pandemic has shifted many businesses online. Moreover, not every business is well equipped to handle business operations being online. Lampros Tech, with its vast expertise and experience in the field, is all set to get such businesses on the digital track. A gentle push into the digital direction by Lampros Tech can take any business onto the path of success. 

Lampros Tech brings a whole new gamut of services in the Marketing and Ed-tech industry

The company has a strong footing in providing IT services. That involves services such as mobile development, web development, UI/UX, and e-commerce development. Now Lampros Tech is creating a niche for itself in marketing and ed-tech. This includes branding, ed-tech, web analytics, social media marketing, and content writing. This move will make the company a one-stop destination to cater to all the digital needs of any business.  


Branding helps in changing the way clients perceive the company. It also helps in bringing more business to the company. Lampros Tech aims at filling the same gap between clients and the company by the virtue of customized branding. 


The education industry is different from the other corporate companies in all terms of marketing and sales. And given the current scenario, the educational industry is seeing shifts like no other. Lampros Tech very well understands this need of the industry. Thus, it is focusing on helping the educational industry with its expertise in the area of technology. 

Web Analytics

Web Analytics helps in understanding the needs and behavior of the clients. But it also helps in growing its reach by making the company website appear more frequently on search engines. This helps in laying down the foundation for getting more clients. Lampros Tech takes pride in helping companies lay up this strong foundation. 

Content Writing

Content has become an integral part of any brand. This is because it helps its website rank higher on Google with Search Engine Optimisation. No matter what industry a company strives in, content writing combined with SEO can help it reach the next level. Thus, Lampros Tech with its team of highly trained professionals to help in the process.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the new trend sweeping the ground off companies’ feet. It is completely changing the way companies traditionally operated. Thus, it is important for any company to have a good social media presence. Lampros Tech believes that social media is the key to conquer a new generation of clients while constantly staying in touch with the current clients. 

This expansion has is a huge opportunity for Lampros Tech and for the environment the company grows in. It has provided an incredible opportunity for unhired professionals looking for a career in marketing. Lampros Tech is also expanding its capacity with the company now having two offices. This surely is a year of certain opportunity for the company in times of sheer uncertainty of the pandemic. 

About Lampros Tech

Lampros Tech was founded by a team of technocrats with experience in industries like Education, Telecom, Insurance, and Business Process Outsourcing. It has varied experience and a vision for innovation. They have provided stellar services to their clients over years and pride themselves in providing integrated solutions. They aim to simplify digital transformation. Moreover, it strives to provide a platform for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and big corporations to improve their business impact. The company is guided by strong values of innovation, commitment, and trust. Over the years, they have grown into a team of expert developers, who transform your ideas into digital products. They boast a diverse client portfolio spread across the globe. Surely, they are the right choice of technology partner for any company.