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How to create a professional online test platform?

Are you planning to conduct online tests for your employees? Are you looking for ways to make this process easy but equally effective? Do you need assistance in creating the perfect online test platform to best suit your needs?

A Professional Online Test Platform

Professional online test platforms can certainly do more good for the business. By the end of this blog, you’ll understand everything you need to know about it. So, let’s start!

What Are Employment Tests?

Employment tests form an integral part of the selection process. Each online test helps to understand the ability of the candidate to adjust to the job requirements. If conducted properly, these tests can help find candidates with relevant skills and personality for the job at hand. 

What are employment tests? perks of online tests for employees

Employment tests alone cannot guarantee the selection of the right candidate for the job. But these tests help in distinguishing mediocre candidates from bright candidates. 

Moreover, there is a personal interview after the test. This helps the company to better test and understand the candidate. Employment tests are a supplement to the selection process and not a substitute. 

Why Do You Need Them For Your Organization?

Online tests can aid the recruitment process of the organization. They can help the recruiter identify and test candidates’ skills and knowledge. Moreover, it makes the process of eliminating unsuitable candidates easier. 

why do you need online tests for your platform? importance of the online test platform

As a result, the time and resources of the organization are saved as only the right candidates are sent for interviews. Moreover, this helps in finding the most suitable candidate. Thus, online tests platform streamline the selection process. 

What Are The Different Types Of Tests?

Overall, we can divide the employment tests into five main categories all of which are explained below – 

Intelligence Test 

This test is conducted to measure the intelligence, presence of mind, and learning abilities of the candidates. It tests their ability to understand instructions and make decisions. Intelligence tests are common for almost all types of jobs.

Proficiency Test

The test conducted to measure candidates’ acquired skills and knowledge is known as a proficiency test. They measure candidates’ existing knowledge about the job at hand. Also, they are known as occupational or trade tests.

Aptitude Test 

This test measures candidates’ ability to learn, develop and grow. They are taken to understand the development potential of the candidate. Aptitude tests also help predict a candidate’s success. 

Different types of tests include aptitude test, proficiency test, intelligence test, interest test, and personality test.

There are two kinds of aptitude tests. The first one is a cognitive test to measure their mental and intellectual aptitudes. The other one is motor tests to measure their physical capabilities 

Interest Test 

Interest tests help in understanding a candidate’s fascination with a certain field. This helps an organization understand what job would be the most satisfying for the candidate. It also helps the organization in providing vocational training to its employees. 

Personality Test 

This test judges the personality of the candidate in terms of his character, nature, and temperament. They are conducted to understand the candidate as a whole. But it is difficult to devise personality tests. This is because it is connected with the candidate’s value system and emotions. 

Who Should Take The Test?

The type of vacancy will decide what people should take the test. New vacancies in the organization can be filled in two ways – external and internal recruitment. In external recruitment, candidates from outside the organization are invited to fill the position. While in internal recruitment, any of the existing employees can apply for the vacant position. 

Why should someone take an online test?

Employment tests are for both new candidates and existing employees. Also, online tests can become a part of the appraisal process of the organization. This will help test the knowledge of the employees and keep them on their feet. This would also result in designing better training programs for the employees. 

How To Design The Test?

Employment tests are an important part of the selection process. They help in selecting the right employees for the organization. Also, they are equally beneficial for existing employees of the organization. 

So, one should be careful while designing these tests. They should be relevant to help in filling the position vacant. Moreover, they should be versatile enough to help in distinguishing bright candidates. 

How to design a professional test platform? List of things you need.

While all the types of tests are necessary for selecting the right candidate, it might not be a feasible option for every organization. You can conduct a combination of the above-mentioned types of employment tests. The combination should be such that it meets the requirements of your organization. 


Creating a professional online test platform can sometimes be a lengthy and tiresome process for the company. Designing varied questions keeping the organization and job objectives in mind can consume a lot of time. 

However, outsourcing this task to specialists will not only save time and resources but will also provide an unbiased platform for the whole team of employees. 

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