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Launching A Leading Ed-tech App in a New Market


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Products Supported

Client specific tools

Client Profile

  • One of the World’s Leading Ed-tech Company

The Challenge

  • Lampros empowered a leading, knowledge-learning, web-based app to launch its services in India. The app is already established in the US market. The challenge was to create and deliver content that was specifically targeted for the new audience and to do that in less time. Lampros used new generation client tools to create content and launch into the Indian market.

The Solution

  • Lampros studied the EdTech models in Indian markets to deliver the US-based client with relatable content to launch into the Indian market
  • Lampros optimized the user’s content creation process to amplify the process and generate faster results
  • Thorough study and research was done on all the education boards of India to create quality content for all of them
  • All aspects of client needs were carried out, including content editing, audio creation, and quality analysis

The Results

  • Lampros successfully helped the US-based learning app in extending their reach to the Indian markets
  • Lampros Tech successfully covered the entire purview of the Indian education system by creating content for all the boards.

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