Lampros Tech

Launching An eLearning Training Startup


Content Creation, Instructional Design



Products Supported

MS Office tools

Client Profile

  • eLearning Training Startup

The Challenge

  • Lampros had to create business-oriented content that serves professionals of diverse industries for a US-based eLearning company. The challenge was to design the trainings in an effective manner such that it reaches and impacts the young professionals of the corporate world.

The Solution

  • Lampros was a part of the process from scratch and built a creative eLearning system that catered to the training needs of numerous companies 
  • Lampros created the content that polished the leadership and professional skills of employees from diverse domains
  • Lampros studied and researched the business sector training systems to create a compelling eLearning system
  • Lampros created more than one means for the business-oriented study for the eLearning system of the client

The Results

  • Helped to launch an entire business-oriented eLearning/virtual training startup for the client 
  • Lampros was able to successfully create the content as well as provide it in a virtual training format

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