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SEO-Content Writing, WordPress Management



Products Supported

WordPress, Yoast SEO

Client Profile

  • Top Digital Analytics & Marketing Firm

The Challenge

  • Lampros created readable, well-drafted, and search-optimized content from scripted videos for a leading YouTuber. The videos that originated from technological backgrounds needed a sheer and complete understanding of Google processes to create compelling blogs.

The Solution

  • Research as well as experiments were made in order to create SEO blogs that had a wide range of reach
  • Thorough understanding of Google apps (like Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, etc.) was done in order to completely understand user as well client needs 
  • All user specifications were considered in order to create absorbing and meaningful content
  • Extra efforts made for the content to created from scratch in order to keep it readable as well as meaningful for the audience

The Results

  • Lampros’ content got a wide reach in the audience with daily readers and subscribers increasing manyfold
  • Official Google account shared relevant blog for reference of audience needs
  • Complete satisfaction of client needs as well as audience perspective was served when Lampros got appreciation mails from the client’s end

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