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Blockchain Companies Aiding in the Healthcare Industry

Blockchain technology comes with a characteristic immutable ledger feature. This makes the technology tamper-proof against changes and all information is secure due to encryption. Sometimes in forms of hashes or in forms of private keys. 

However, the healthcare industry has to be careful of what data is used and when / where. Patient data must be kept in confidence and data from clinical trials shouldn’t be altered or manipulated.

Considering the tactical advantages of DLT and the usefulness in the healthcare sector, these are some examples of blockchain platforms aiding healthcare in multiple sectors:

Gem: A blockchain-based platform that enables secure data sharing and collaboration between healthcare organizations, with a focus on improving patient engagement and care coordination.

Health Nexus: A blockchain-based platform that aims to improve data privacy and security in the healthcare industry, enabling secure data sharing and collaboration between healthcare organizations.

MediBloc: A blockchain-based platform that enables secure and decentralized data management for healthcare organizations, improving data privacy and interoperability.

Patientory: A blockchain-based platform that provides secure and decentralized storage for medical records, enabling healthcare organizations to securely share and access patient data.

These are just a few examples of blockchain organizations catering to healthcare. As the technology continues to evolve and mature, it is likely that more healthcare companies will adopt blockchain for marketing purposes in the future.