Lampros Tech

Back-End Developer

Job Category: Full Time
Job Type: On Site
Job Location: Ahmedabad

About Lampros :

We are a team of young, passionate professionals who strive to make technology accessible
to everyone. We have worked for years to make businesses more successful using
technology and now we want to do the same for blockchain technology.
We are guided by our strong values of innovation, commitment, and trust in the way we
partner with our clients. Over the years, we have grown into a team of expert web and
blockchain developers, who transform your ideas into reality. We boast of a diverse client
portfolio spread across the globe and are the right choice of technology partner for anyone
who wants to grow.

Job Description :

We are looking for talented backend developers with 3-5 years of experience who are eager
to pivot to blockchain development. A candidate who is passionate about how to write
secure smart contracts using Solidity (for DEX, DeFi, DAO, Staking, NFTs) has a plus point. If
you want to upskill yourself while getting paid and take your work to the next level, this is the
job for you!

Responsibilities :

  • Developing and maintaining all server-side network components
  • Collaborating with front-end developers on the integration of elements
  • Developing high-performance applications by writing testable, reusable, and efficient code
  • Implementing effective security protocols, data protection measures, and storage solutions
  • Running diagnostic tests, repairing defects, and providing technical support.
  • Documenting Node.js processes, including database schemas, as well as preparing reports
  • Recommending and implementing improvements to processes and technologies
  • Keeping informed of advancements in the field of Node.js development.

Job Requirements :

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer programming, computer science, or a related field
  • 3-5 years of server-side programming experience
  • Strong logical reasoning and ability to write complex algorithms
  • Skills in Python, Node.js, React.js, Javascript, Express.js
  • Focus on efficiency, user experience, and process improvement
  • Excellent project and time management skills
  • Strong problem solving and verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience in working on Git and project management tools that enable fast development and coordination across multiple teams in the future
  • Experience with writing secure smart contracts using Solidity for DEX, DeFi, DAO,
  • Staking, and NFTs can add the extra edge

Life @ Lampros: 3 Promises That We Make

Joining our team is not just limited to a cool work environment, but we also provide:

Continuous Growth

Knowledge is infinite, therefore we believe that learning is continuous, and you can never
know enough. We encourage you to learn and update your skills so there is no hindrance in
your growth.

Work Hard, Play Hard

We help you press the refresh button by organising brunches and tournaments. We enjoy a
good team bonding session because quite honestly, who doesn’t?

Work-Life Balance

We believe that there should be a fair balance between work and life, therefore the company
policies are designed in such a way that your personal life isn’t affected by your work life.
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